Involve Church Leadership 

In the ‘About’ section we considered the whole range of people who can be involved in ISM recognising that this ministry is about all of God’s church fulfilling its calling to show hospitality to the stranger and to making Jesus Christ known to the nations. If we are to involve members of local churches (both our own church and others) we will need to approach their leaders with courtesy and wisdom.  

Approach them prayerfully and share your vision. Show them you have done your homework by presenting all the information you have gathered. Suggest a meeting for interested people to pray and discuss the way forward and invite one or more of the church leadership to be present. Ask advice about church members who might be set aside for this ministry.

How quickly things develop from here will depend somewhat on the size of your church and the kind of decision making structures it has.

You may need to be patient!

Imparting a vision is an ongoing process. It will help a hard-pressed leadership to see that they have someone in you who is prepared to spend time and energy bringing this vision to fruition. If you can do much of the hard work, they are more likely to give you their blessing! 

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