Hospitality Scheme

Coming to a new country is an exciting opportunity for international students. Often they have spent many years working towards the chance to spend a year or two of their education in Europe. However, for many students, it can also be a lonely and confusing experience. They frequently feel isolated, experience culture shock, and find it difficult to meet local people and make friends.

A hospitality scheme helps international students to make friends and feel welcome by giving them the opportunity to be invited into a local home, meet local people and discover local culture and customs. Students are put in touch with a local person or family who will invite them to their home for an occasional meal. Some students establish lasting friendships with their hosts and have made several return visits, or have invited their hosts to visit them.

The diagram below outlines a suggested timescale for setting up a hospitality scheme:

Of course there is a lot more to running a successful hospitality scheme. Why not download our full guide for more detailed guidance on promotion, matching students to hosts and communication.