Book list

Books for International student ministry & crossing cultures with the gospel

Start with these:

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Crossing Cultures with Jesus (IVP)

Katie Rawson

An essential and rich introduction to working with international students from an experienced practitioner

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Not so secret     (IVP)

Graham Orr

Based on many years as a missionary in Japan Graham Orr encourages his readers to rethink how we can live as missionary Christians in our own cultures

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Cross cultural servanthood    (IVP)

Duane Elmer   

Practical guidance for relating across cultures in appropriate and sensitive ways

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Foreign to Familiar        (McDougal Publishing)

Sarah Lanier         

Easy read on understanding different cultures. Good for lending to international students

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Gospel for Muslims         (Authentic)

Steve Bell                 

Encouraging a godly attitude towards Muslims

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3-D gospel 

Jayson Georges    

E-book available at

Brief and easy to read this is an essential introduction to different worldviews


Home Again          (Dawson Media)

Nate Mirza             

Handbook on preparing International Students to serve Christ in their own countries



Duane Elmer         Cross cultural connections                          IVP

Roland Muller        The Messenger, The Message & The Community     CanBooks

Patty Lane               A beginners’ guide to Crossing Cultures      IVP

David Hesselgrave  Communicating Christ cross-culturally      Zondervan

Dean Flemming         Contextualisation in the New Testament     Apollos

Jayson Georges & Mark D. Baker     Ministering in Honor-Shame cultures           IVP

Jackson Wu              One Gospel for all nations                             William Carey Library

Craig Storti              The Art of Returning Home                            Nicholas Brealey Publishing

Denis Lane                One world, two minds                                     OMF

Marvin J.Newell         Crossing cultures in Scripture                         IVP

Kate McCord             In the Land of the Blue Burqas                       Moody

James Sire                 The Universe next door                                  IVP

E. Randolph Richards        Misreading Scripture with Western eyes        IVP

& Brandon J.O’Brien